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The Big Bang Theory is a struck American comedy that is presently broadcasting on the CBS network in the USA. The funny series was developed and also composed by Expense Prady and also Chuck Lorre that additionally act as executive manufacturers along with Steven Molaro. A lot of the episodes of the comedy have actually been guided by Mark Cendrowski. The funny program is co-produced for CBS by Chuck Lorre Productions, Inc. and also Detector Bros. Tv. Season 1 of The Huge Bang Concept debuted on CBS on September 24,2007 The comedy is embeded in Pasadena, The golden state and also the story focuses on Leonard Hofstadter (represented by Johnny Galecki) and also Sheldon Cooper (represented by Jim Parsons) that are physicists at Caltech and also roomies, Dime (represented by Kaley Cuoco), Howard Wolowitz (represented by Simon Helberg) that is an aerospace designer and also astrophysicist Raj Koothrappali (represented by Kunal Nayyar). Fifty percent the enjoyable in this outlandishly amusing comedy is that Dime is so spacey that she does not show up to identify just what hard-core geeks Leonard and also Sheldon actually are– also the visibility in their washroom of Luke Skywalker No-More-Tears Hair shampoo does not tip her off.