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The young Wyatt and his brothers have just lost their father and now they will have to deal with their lack. For this, they receive a copy of the book The Dangerous Book for Boys. It contains advice on a wide variety of topics. Through the fantasy world in which he is inspired, Wyatt and his brothers manage to reconnect with their father while they learn important life lessons thanks to their reading.

The Dangerous Book for Boys is based on the story told by the brothers Conn and Hal Iggulden in his book of the same name, the ‘bestseller’ that triumphed in 2006. In addition, he does it in the form of dramatic comedy. The Amazon series is produced by actor Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) and is accompanied by executive production Greg Mottola (Adventureland) and James Degus (Sneaky Pete).

The plot of the multi-family films introduces viewers to the three brothers, received an unusual inherited from his father. The man left a book of his own sons. In it, he has collected 80 different instructions given, following which the guys will be able to live a happy and rich life of pleasant events. Father always made for the characters of the series “The Dangerous Book for Boys” all sorts of adventures, whether it be the construction of a tent on the top of the tree or create a magnet. In a sense, the legacy of the man – it is an opportunity to continue them after his death. And if at first the boys lightly perceive father’s gift, then gradually their attitude to the book will change dramatically. Already from the first page it brings the characters to the fabulous world of fantasy, which will help get closer to their parents who left. With every read head’s father became a step closer to the children. The boys plunged into the world of fun and forget about the sadness and problems. But it’s not only fun, as you complete all instruction heroes learn to overcome obstacles and difficulties in life.