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Diverted (The Detour) is a family series comedy genre, including elements of black comedy. This production is created by the marriage of comedians Jason Jones and Samantha Bee. Inspired by their own experiences and their own family road trips, this series tells the story of a family that makes a trip to Key West. Nate, the excited father of this family, get in the car with his wife and two children to live a family adventure 24 hours to reach Keys. On the way this family learns that no matter how many problems, dangerous situations and interactions with strange characters have to spend a family, always be together again. Nate Jason Jones plays a foul-mouthed father unfiltered who started this journey with his wife Robin (Natalie Zea) and their children Delilah (Ashley Gerasimovich) and Jared (Liam Carroll). Each leg of their journey is fraught with disaster and this family is infernal infernal situation after situation. Jones and Bee also exert as executive producers alongside Brennan Shroff and Tony Hernandez.