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The series is a reimagined version of the story of Frankenstein, which now stands in the nineteenth century London. After a successful operation by the police of the River Thames to catch a gang of smugglers of opium, the body of a child is encontrado.El inspector John Marlott, played by Sean Bean (Game of Thrones), is horrified to discover that this is not really a child, but a grotesque assembly parts made from humanas.The Frankenstein Chronicles follows the footsteps of Marlott to hunt the perpetrator of crimes like this, showing the route that makes the inspector through the darkest corners the London of the Georgian era, including prostitution, drug trafficking, homicide, among others. Thus, the series of murders that investigates Marlott appear to be the work of a scientist conducting experiments to try to bring the dead back to life.

After Constable John Marlott (Sean Bean) has made arrest in 1827 a gang of opium smugglers, he makes a shocking discovery: a child’s body, when it comes to the detailed investigation is a collection of primitive cobbled together terter body parts. Home Secretary Sir Robert Peel (Tom Ward) commissioned Marlott with the investigation of the heinous crime. The more research Marlott hires, the more horrible what he brings to the surface. And everything seems to be the act of a single man who wants to bring back to life with crude attempts humans.