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1550. Eighty ladies are heading to India to marry the conquerors. Neither pirates nor pestilence, nor the penalties could with their determination. Carlos V fears the consequences of relations between the Spanish nobles and indigenous women in the New World. The newly appointed Adelantado of the Indies and his wife, Mencia Calderon (Ingrid Rubio, ‘Beyond the garden’, ‘November’, ‘The Beach of the Greyhounds’), are commissioned to move to the Rio de la Plata was one caravan of women who marry the conquerors. All set sail with the aim of finding a good husband and prosper, but the journey stumble upon all kinds of adversity, like the plague, pirates or hunger. Among the survivors will highlight Ana de Rojas (Clara Lago, ‘The life of Carol’, ‘LEX’, ‘The Hangman game’), daughter of a nobleman ruined by the crisis plaguing Castilla. Ana falls for a young, Alonso (Alvaro Cervantes, ‘Three Steps Above Heaven’), and learn to shed all the prejudices of their social class and Castilla of the XVI century. Hugo Silva ( ‘Los hombres de Paco’, ‘The Princess of Eboli’) will play the captain of the expedition, Hernando de Salazar.Mencía Calderon (Rubio) will have to face and overcome the death of her husband, the Adelantado Juan de Sanabria , and will try by all means to fulfill the mission entrusted to them by the Crown while facing many dangers. His first goal will earn the respect of De Salazar (Silva), a brave and practical conquistador captain and all. This will in Mencia a source of constant irritation, an annoying woman, but also something new that surprises every day. Knower of the New World, will find in this mission the opportunity he owes the life.For Meanwhile, Ana de Rojas (Lake) will have less character than Mencia, although it is characterized by its bold, dreamy and maverick personality, traits very little common for a woman of the XVI century. His love will Alonso (Cervantes), a young man with some concerns but without dedication, and the man of her dreams: De Salazar.Entre the other characters stand Pelayo (Ferrán Vilajosana), an illiterate, womanizing rogue but with a good heart who finds Alonso to a friend; Guadalupe or Lupe (Hiba Abouk, ‘Ulysses syndrome’, ‘The Island of the nominees’), a sexy maid and vividora which does not care to lose their virtue by the way, and Sancha (Ane Gabarain,’ The Community ” 800 bullets’, ‘7 lives’,’ Journalists’, ‘Los Serrano’), tata of the maids, maid tireless Mencia since this was a child and advocate of the virtue of women is responsible … even repressing and hiding them men.

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TheGame season 1 DIRECT LINKS EpisodeGuide Episode1:. Episode1 air day: 2014-11-05 London1972. When an abandoning KGB policeman, Arkady Malinov, discloses Operation Glass, a terrible Soviet story that can alter …