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Stephen Butchard creation, ‘Good Cop’ is a police drama that follows a police recedes slowly to his desire to venganza.PC Rocksavage (Michael Angelis) has always respected the rules in their fight against crime. As police Liverpool has always complied with the law and has obeyed the orders of his superiors. But everything changes when one night his best friend and partner is brutally attacked and, as a result of his wounds, dies. Deeply affected by what happened, especially when you can not imprison those responsible for the death of his partner, Rocksavage begin to stop believing in the system and in compliance with leyes.Sumiéndose increasingly darker side, you’ll end up focusing all their efforts on taking the law into their own hands and take revenge.

Ex-cop Tony Senior (Tony Danza) has personally and professionally maintained rarely the rules. Now he lives with his son Tony Junior (Josh Groban) which, although also works at the New York police, but unlike his father very conscientiously and meticulously carries out its duties properly. And because the Lord Papa interfere again in the professional interests and even the love affairs of his son, are conflicts of all kinds regularly on the agenda.