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After being run over by a truck carrying products for erectile dysfunction, a woman named Eleanor awakens to discover that has reached beyond. Eleanor soon meets his mentor Michael, who tells you that now is in “the right place” ( “the good place”), an area designed to accommodate those who have done good deeds in his past life. Michael also congratulated for having done a number of good deeds and have helped a group of people will not go through the death row. Realizing the mistake by someone else, Eleanor also discovers she is trapped in a world where no one swears nor drunk and all are always nice people. Quickly, Eleanor decides to try to find a way to return to the worldly life I had when I was in the Tierra.The Good Place is a television series comedy genre, created by Mike Schur (Parks and Recreation) and starring Kristen Bell the role of Eleanor and Ted Danson as his mentor Michael. In addition, the cast is completed by Jameela Jamil names like William Jackson Harper, Manry Jacinto, D’Arcy Carden, among others.

The focus of the story of The Good Place is Eleanor Shellstrop, a young woman who is at the center of their lives. One day, however, the chain of unfortunate events leads to Eleanor henceforth no longer among the living – and then go to heaven.