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The series is set in the ninth century where what is now known as England were several independent kingdoms. Anglo-Saxon lands are attacked and in many cases governed by vikingas forces. The kingdom of Wessex was left alone under the command of King Alfred the Great. Uhtred, orphaned son of a noble Saxon, is kidnapped by the Normans and raised as one of them. Thus, it is forced to choose between a kingdom that shares their ancestors and the people that is leal.’The Last Kingdom ‘is an adaptation of the series of historical novels known as Bernard Cornwell’ The Saxon Stories’ produced by BBC America . The series is starring Alexander Dreymon, Rutger Hauer, Matthew MacFadyen, Emily Cox, Ian Hart and Tobias Santelmann among others. Stephen Butchard is the creator while Nick Murphy is in charge of management.

The last kingdom ‘, better known by its English name’ The Last Kingdom ‘is a British fiction created by Stephen Butchard, which was carried out by the second channel of the BBC Anglo-Saxon. As for the direction, this is done by Nick Murphy. The series takes place in 872 and would be located in what now know as England. In this land coexist several independent kingdoms, which are often attacked and ruled by the Vikings.