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The Last Tycoon tells the story of the great world cinema magnate Monroe Stahr (Matt Bommer) on their way to success and fame. Stahr, wunderkind in a prominently film studio in Hollywood during the 30s, scale positions to achieve their goals, surpassing his own mentor, studio head, Pat Brady (Kelsey Grammer), a Hollywood marked by ambition, sex and drogas.Esta series produced by TriStar Television is an adaptation of the unfinished novel F. Scott Fitzgerald, the last magnate.Dicha novel, published posthumously, has been adapted to the screen in 1976 under the Elia Kazan.Esta address adaptation Amazon is produced by Ray and Chris Keyser, who also exert as ‘showrunners’. The Pulitzer Prize-winning author and expert on the life of Fitzgerald, Scott Berg serves as a consultant producer.

Studio Manager Monroe Stahr (Matt Bomer) experienced in the 1930s, a rapid rise in Hollywood, comes to the top of one of the major production studios. Here, his former mentor Pat Brady (Kelsey Grammer) becomes his greatest adversary. For the perfectionist Monroe is located in a deep identity crisis: While he prefers wants to make quality films, his boss and mentor Pat Brady is particularly interested in the commercial success of the productions. Monroe is on the brink of despair after several film projects have failed and his wife was dying. But then he draws new hope when he meets a young, Irish waitress sprayed the love of life and inspire him to a really big and important film could