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Creator Ryan Murphy ( ‘American Horror Story’, ‘Glee’, ‘Nip / Tuck. Nip-Tuck’) arrives at the NBC comedy in which a gay couple tries to fulfill their dream of parenthood by hiring a maid as a mother of alquiler.David (Justin Bartha, ‘Hangover’, ‘search’) and Bryan (Andrew Rannells, ‘Girls’, ‘Sex and the City 2’) have everything to be happy. First, they have each other, which is a lot when you consider how difficult it is to find the love of your life today. On the other hand, they’re both winners in their professions and money is no shortage of them. But one thing they need to complete their happiness: a baby. And obviously, that’s something they can not do for solos.De this way hire Goldie (Georgia King) a waitress single mother of a shrewd girl eight years, Shania (Bebe Wood), to be his surrogate mother. Goldie, with serious economic problems and trying to get out of a boring and monotonous life that will never come to anything, just moved to Los Angeles and decides to accept the proposal from the pareja.Desde that moment the lives of all those involved change . David and Bryan are preparing for the arrival of long-awaited son, while Goldie discover a new life in Beverly Hills. Soon the smiling waitress will become a confidant and friend of the couple. But what will happen to this close relationship when the arrival of the baby away?

Gynecologist David and television producer Bryan live in a styled luxury home in Los Angeles comfortably to himself. Only one thing is missing from the professionally successful couple still to happiness: a baby needed! the young Goldie, who has just moved from Ohio to Los Angeles to start a new life is hired as a surrogate mother. Included in the package, the single white trash blonde has her spleenige eight year old daughter and the arch-conservative grandmother, whose general views about the things of life not exactly match those of the gay couple.