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The Oath is a drama that chronicles the mishaps that have to deal with a gangster band outside normal. The group tries to take a correct path and act within the limits of morality, but finally, for one reason or another, have to protect and defend yours to other factors beyond them like members of other ‘crews’ or FBI.Creada own by Joe Halpin (Hawaii Five-0), who also serves as showrunner, fiction tries to show the secrets of gang culture. The production team also compose the actor and singer Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent (Power), Ryan Kwanten, Todd Hoffman and Dennis Kim. His cast is made up actors like Sean Bean (Game of Thrones), Ryan Kwanten (True Blood), Arlen Escarpeta (American Dreams) and Katrina Law (Arrow).

They stand for righteousness and the law. But these policemen carry their honorable service marks only as a cover for corruption and abuse of power. The Ravens are a secret and extremely loyal transition within the police. They are corrupt, like raiding times even a bank and work together with high-level drug gangs. Their former leader is Tom Hammond (Sean Bean), who goes to prison for a serious offense. But now he is now on the loose, trying to regain its former position of power again.