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The plot is set during the purge film franchise, which has all the macabre events that happen on a night in which, for twelve hours, all kinds of crime is legal in the US, including murder. The series focuses on both the events of this terrifying night without rules, as in the 364 days between purge and purge, and how it affects the event to the lives of American society, conditioning the lives of citizens so that no become the next target of someone tonight as larga.En its plot is Miguel, a Marine who, after receiving a letter from her younger sister Penelope, returns to town tonight to try to protect your family against macabre performances which can be victims. Meanwhile, Penelope belongs to a sect for Purging, but their faith is compromised when exposed to the reality of this noche.Producida by Blumhouse Television and Universal Cable Productions for USA Network and Syfy, the series is created and supervised by James -Head of the saga of films- DeMonaco. Gabriel Chavarria (East Los High) and Jessica Garza (Six) star in fiction portraying the two brothers.

A group of small-town residents witnessed the twelve hours of purge Night. During the night they are confronted with their respective past and find it out, how far to go it ready when no rules and penalties set them limits.