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The Terror is a series based on the best-selling novel of the same name written by Dan Simmons. Adapted by screenwriter David Kajganich (Blinded by the sun), the series is set in 1847, when a group of expedition of the British Royal Navy is attacked by a mysterious predator while searching for the Northwest Passage. This strange and constantly harasses predator around the ship and its crew in a tense and desperate game of survival. Kajganich also serves as showrunner of this fiction with Soo Hugh (The Killing). They are also executive producers of The Terror, acclaimed director Ridley Scott (Alien), Alexandra Milchan (A bullet in the head), Scott Lambert (Four Rooms) Guymon Casady and (Game of Thrones). The first season of this anthology series features ten episodes.

In 1847, the two Schifffe HMS Erebus and HMS Terror on behalf of the Royal Navy in the waters north of North America. Their mission: find a so-called North-West Passage, a navigable route from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean between North America and the Arctic. As an unknown entity the ships and their crews, the expedition to the struggle for survival is attacking.