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Satire that follows the daily lives of workers in the Department of Social Affairs and Citizenship británico.Tras government forced resignation of his predecessor, Hugh Abbot (Chris Langham, ‘Life of Brian’) stands as the new minister within the department . Eager to gain a foothold in the world of politics, Hugh began working hard to climb slowly. However, you will find a constant obstacle: Malcolm Tucker (Peter Capaldi, ‘In the Loop’, ‘Torchwood’), number 10 of the government, does not remove an eye on. To make matters worse, the ideological line of the party, which Tucker has imposed on the department repeatedly collides with the aspirations and values ​​of Hugh, and more than once had to resign themselves to obey orders and save silencio.Cuando Tucker decides that Hugh is a hindrance, the minister has to make to keep your job, even if I have to work harder than ever and do things that had never before imagined. Hugh will be supported by press secretary Coverle Terri (Joanna Scanlan, ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’), and moderators Glen Cullen (James Smith) and Ollie Reeder (Chris Addison, ‘Skins’).

The dramedy portrays five maids with their own wishes and dreams as they work for the rich and famous in Beverly Hills. As with Marisol Suarez (Ana Ortiz, “Ugly Betty”), a new member of this circle of friends encounters, the others have no idea that Marisol is actually a college professor. She wants undercover find the real culprit for that murder, in which her son is currently the prime suspect.