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In a world where superheroes exist and have for years being public figures, Arthur is a man without any power. However, it is smart and discover the city in which he lives is owned by a supervillain. On his way to find out who is behind this conspiracy, he meets a strange blue superhero who is determined to team up with him. It stars Peter Serafinowicz (Guardians of the Galaxy, Shaun of the Dead) in the role of superhero The Tick and Griffin Newman (The final decision) and his partner Arthur Everest. Ben Edlund is the creator of this ‘reboot’ of the eponymous film of 2001 and is run by Wally Pfister (The Dark Knight).

In the world of The Tick superheroes are nothing special. Everywhere they come out of their holes and crawled feel called to heroic deeds. That this failure usually less heroic than expected, but does not matter. Instead, the superheroes of their existence delight and ensure law and order at will. However, as the shy accountant Arthur alarm suggests that a long believed dead supervillain to New York City has returned, no one wants to believe him. This fact calls the somewhat idiosyncratic and generally very strange superhero The Tick on the plan. But it could be that this is just a product of Arthur’s imagination?