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The near future. People have exhausted the resources of the Earth, and soon it will become uninhabitable. After much research, scientists find a way out of this situation – they offer the colonization of other planets. The choice falls on Titan – Saturn’s moon. Its atmosphere is not suitable for humans, but scientists were able to expose the DNA controlled mutation, which changes the structure of the body part. This transformation will allow people to feel comfortable on the surface of Titan. One of the volunteers, the project becomes Rick – the main character, decides to change in order to save his family. He comes into the center and is connected to the experiment. The coming months will hold a man in the laboratory together with the other volunteers. There, each of the future conquerors of the far corners of the cosmos will receive no less than four hundred different injection sites and will take a lot of grueling workouts. All this looks scary, but the other way simply does not exist. However, it soon became clear that this is not an option … The subjects suddenly begin to change does not go as planned, which would jeopardize all the plans for the colonization of the satellite.