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Watching the series you seem to find yourself in a different space, not only in the image and sound, but also in the space of the mind. Here you can limit only your imagination, nobody else. The series itself consists of small stories. Each story is complete and has no connection with other stories. They have an unpredictable beginning and not less unpredictable completion. Each story carries a message that has a moral and ethical color. The series was impressed by many people, among them was Matt Groening, who took one of the episodes for the Simpsons. Halloween.” “Twilight zone” opens the viewer a real science fiction.

“Garfield and Friends’ is a cartoon series that aired on CBS from 1988 to 1994 in the United States. Each episode has two parts. The first focuses on the figure of the charismatic cat and stories based on the popular comic book, while the second block of the chapter follows the farm of Orson composed of pork Orson, rooster Roy, duck Wade, the sheep Bo, the Lanolin sheep and chick Booker.

Created by Jim Davis ‘Garfield and Friends’ he had seven seasons on the air and a total of 212 episodes. The animated comedy aired in many countries with great success among the smallest of the house.”