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After the mass invasion of the zombie epidemic that has swept the whole globe, only a handful of people has managed to save. Among them there is the family sheriff Rick Grimes. All of them travel the world in search of a safe place of existence, but, unfortunately, to find a place where these things are not seems to be quite possible. Fear is the main weakness of the survivors as it guides the subconscious of people, making them feeling all the depth of human cruelty and rage. Internal rivalry among the survivors becomes the main cause of losses and disasters around. It is much more dangerous than pointless wandering of the walking dead, hungry for human flesh and it is still not known whether the characters of The Walking Dead will be capable to cope with that.

A terrible epidemic hit the planet’s population, millions of people in just a few hours turned into walking zombies, attacking still living and healthy, and thus transmitting the infection further. Rick Grime was a regular patrolman, fell into a coma on the eve of the catastrophe that occurred and therefore did not know anything about what had happened. Waking from clinical death, Rick was unpleasantly struck by the lack of doctors and loved ones, the hospital seemed empty and even abandoned, and when out on the street, the man was horrified by the picture of destruction and desolation that reigned there.

Rushing to his home in search of his wife and child, he almost fell into the hands of zombies, getting to the same place, saw that there was no one there. In frustrated feelings, trying to cover the scale of what happened, Rick looks for at least some evidence of life, or the death of loved ones, and also tries to get an answer to the question about the disaster that happened to people. The search for answers leads the former policeman to the city, where he finds the survivors and along with them goes on a long and dangerous journey, the goal of which is to survive at any cost. In search of shelter, Rick and his companions will meet many dangers, among which the animal instincts of zombies will not be the biggest problem.