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Based on bestselling historical genre of Philippa Gregory ( ‘The other Boleyn’, ‘Faithful princess’), ‘The White Queen’ new TV bet Starz ( ‘Spartacus: Blood and Sand’ novels, ‘Boss’ ‘Da Vinci’s Demons’), he immerses himself in England in the Wars of the Roses (1455-1485). The title of fiction adapts the saga of ‘The War of the Cousins’, the first two volumes, ‘The White Queen’ and ‘The Red Queen’, addresses the lives of Elizabeth Woodville and Lady Margaret Beaufort, Queen consort of King Henry IV England and mother of the future Henry VII, respectivamente.’The White Queen ‘, described as a story of love and loss, seductions and deceptions, betrayals and murders -at style of’ the Tudor’-, also narrates the life of Anne Neville, second daughter of Richard Neville, the ‘Kingmaker’, princess of Wales and queen consort of England. The story begins in 1464, with the country at war for 9 years because of civil strife between Lancaster and York, who fight each other to win the dynastic right to be descendants of King Edward III. His symbols are a red rose and a white rose; hence the popular name of the young batalla.El Edward IV (Max Irons, ‘Red Riding Hood Who are you afraid?’) is named king of England by the York thanks to the manipulations of the Kingmaker (James Frain, ‘The Tudor ‘). But when Edward falls in love and secretly married the young widow Elizabeth Woodville (Rebecca Ferguson), Warwick plans begin to fall apart slowly. Meanwhile, Isabel becomes queen with the help of her mother Jacquetta (Janet McTeer, ‘Damages’), a self-proclaimed sorceress. The greatest enemy of Isabel Margarita Beaufort (Amanda Hale, ‘The Crimson Petal and white flower’), loyal to Lancaster and extremely religious woman who will do anything to see his son Henry on the throne. The umpire is Anne Neville, a pawn in the hands of his father, Neville, until married-and meets their own ambitions, the younger brother of the king, the Duke of York (Aneurin Bernard). The cast of ‘The White Queen’ also includes, among others, David Oakes ( ‘The Borgias’), Juliet Aubrey ( ‘The Constant Gardener’), Eleanor Tomlinson ( ‘The Illusionist’) and Frances Tomelty ( ‘Chéry’) . You’ll like it if you enjoy time with titles, loves, passions and lies.

England in 1464: The country is located in the War of the Roses and the two houses of Lancaster and York are fighting bitterly for power. Among them are the three women Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret Beaufort and Anne Neville. Her story is told in the drama series “The White Queen” with all the tragic events.