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“Travelers” plays several hundred years in the future. There, the last surviving humans explore the possibility of a “consciousness” back to send to the people of the 21st century through time. These travelers take over the lives of seemingly random people to be able to perform missions to rescue the people from a terrible future. At the time travelers are FBI Special Agent Grant MacLaren (Eric McCormack), the leader of the team, Marcy (MacKenzie Porter), a young, mentally challenged woman in the care of her social worker David (Patrick Gilmore), Trevor (Jared Abrahamson), a high School quarterback, Carly (Nesta Cooper), a single mother and Philip (Reilly Dolman), a heroin-dependent college student. They know the past only from the theory and the people whose lives they take, only from their social media profiles. Quickly they need to realize that life and relationships in the 21st century are almost as challenging as its high-risk missions.