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“Tutankhamen is crowned as king of ancient Egypt following the tragic and sudden death of his father. From that moment, the life of the young pharaoh begins to change completely. All the power lies, from now on, in your hands will be controlled by other ambitious men who will do whatever they can to overthrow him and take his place as king.

‘King Tut’ is a story that explores the drama of power, political corruption, war and murder, through the narration of the life of King Tutankhamen and the efforts made to govern an empire that is plunged into caos.Este historical drama is produced by Muse Entertainment, issued by the American channel Spike TV, and has a total of six hours, divided into three episodes. The artistic cast is made up: Avan Jogia (Victorious) in the skin of King Tutankhamen; Ben Kingsley ( ‘Schindler’s List’), who plays Ay, the Grand Vizier, principal adviser to the king; Alexander Siddig ( ‘Game of Thrones’) as Suhad; Peter Gadiot ( ‘Once Upon a Time in Wonderland’) as Ka; and Sibylla Deen ( ‘Tyrant’) as Ankhe.

Mediaset Spain has the rights to broadcast in Spain.”