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The age of 28, still young King Louis XIV (George Blagden) wants – especially presenting one of the world – in addition to military and economic successes of his country: its full power. In order to be better protected against riots, Ludwig, chooses the hunting lodge at Versailles the seat of government and magnificent palace expand. An expensive and lengthy process that threatens repeatedly to founder on a lack of money and various political intrigues. But the future Sun King fought against all odds and is focussing on its construction project. He also has to keep in check, with his wife, the king a ratio maintains his younger brother, Duke Philip I d’Orléans (Alexander Vlahos). His – openly gay – brother suffers increasingly mind that the mighty king him involved in any political processes and wants only one thing: go to war and get on the battlefield glory. And the French aristocracy do not like it at all that Ludwig each nobleman demanded a written needle detection.