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Brian is a typical office employee who spends most of his life at work. At the beginning of the serial movie \”Popadic\” hero orders in the online store charger for a smartphone, but instead he receives a mysterious bracelet. Curious guy decides to try on the thing, unaware of the consequences. Suddenly he finds himself in a kind of parallel world, which at the same time is similar to all fantasy universes, familiar to viewers from other works. Brian is shocked by this turn of events, but quickly adapts to the environment. Here he feels much more comfortable than in the modern world, but still wants to find a way to return home. To do this, the hero will join forces with a group of unusual characters, with whom he will be forced to get involved in a dangerous adventure. This is the only way to get a lost bracelet, without which you can not think about returning home. But this world is much more dangerous than the usual Brian, so he needs to be very careful.